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As entrepreneurs, the odds are not in our favor. The business failure rate is abysmal. We tend to work more than sensible folks. We live under pressure because our team relies on us for their livelihoods. CEO seems to stand for Chief Everything Officer! In spite of it all, we took the leap. We wanted something more.

Whether you desire freedom, wealth, or want to change the world, we are here for it. Start by declaring your goal and we'll show you how we can help make it reality.


We are here to help.

Actualize helps you focus on the most important things right now, while moving toward the long-term vision. We help you analyze your company to establish baselines and then improve against them. Every Business Actualization™ program is designed to help you get maximum return with minimum effort—in a measurable way.

The Actualize System


Actualize™ helps you evaluate, track, and improve your business on a continual basis. Our tools are designed and combined for maximum return with minimum effort.


The Actualize™ app is the control hub for your Business Actualization™ plan. Use it on the web or download for Mac.


All Business Actualization™ programs include short and helpful training modules to maximize your success.


Our coaches help you to perform at your best and our consultants provide expert advice when you need it.


The Actualize™ community is where fellow entrepreneurs provide helpful feedback and support each other's success.

Build an extraordinary business.

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Whether you want to build a multi-million-dollar company, hit seven figures, plan a more rewarding exit, or change the world, choosing your goal is the first step.

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After choosing your goal, you'll answer questions online so we can evaluate and create a plan that fits your business. We'll reach out if we need more info.

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We'll map out your plan and deliver it by email within one or two business days. Your plan will include a score of your company across several key areas.



Actualize is short for Actualize Polymathic, Inc. Actualize is creator of the Business Actualization™ system. We help entrepreneurs build extraordinary companies.

Business Actualization™ is a system for improving business success. It combines diverse toolsets in new ways to help you build a better business, faster. We draw from research data, artificial intelligence, software, peer communities, and human experts. Subscribers access these components through the Actualize™ app.

An extraordinary business is valuable, profitable, innovative, fulfilling, and impactful. Extraordinariness manifests in ways unique to each company. Most extraordinary companies measure a quadruple bottom line—prosperity, people, planet, and purpose.

A Business Actualization™ plan is a suggested pathway to achieve a business goal. We look at where you are now and where you want to be. Then, we use our proprietary system and software to chart a course for your success. If you chose to subscribe to the Business Actualization™ program, Actualize™ helps you evaluate and improve your business on an ongoing basis. A subscription is not required to get a Business Actualization™ plan.

Your Business Actualization plan outline is free. The monthly investment in Business Actualization starts at $1k. Plans go up to $100k+ per month depending on company size, type, and goals. Your plan outline suggests monthly investment options customized for your business.

Business Actualization™ is an ongoing process. We hope that your business receives so much value that you continue to subscribe in order to grow and improve your business. No, you may end your subscription at any time. In some cases we may offer special pricing for companies that choose to purchase annual subscriptions.

When you subscribe, you get access to the Actualize™ app and community. Currently, you may access the software online or download the Mac version that runs on your local computer. In the future, we will also have downloadable versions available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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Actualize™ is now in private beta. Are you ready to build an extraordinary company?


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Our OS X app is available to subscribers now. Mobile apps are coming in 2021.

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